Memorable experiences come from the space between.

Each JERDE project comes to life via the collective input from our harmonious team of strategists, architects, designers, and creative thinkers. Our holistic approach creates a layered sense of discovery by blending thoughtful strategy and research with experiential design and architectural creativity.

01 Foundational Design
02 Architectural Design
03 Environmental Design

Foundational Design

As neighborhoods grow and evolve, we work to create lasting places that prioritize the needs of their surrounding communities. From conceptualization to branding, our programming strategies go beyond the traditional mixed-use space. We envision spaces that collaborate and connect with a variety of uses – places where private meets public, indoor meets outdoor, and work meets leisure. 

  • Site Feasibility, Reconnaissance, and Analysis
  • Branding and Identity
  • Programming Strategy
  • Site Visioning

Architectural Design

We design experiential environments that excite visitors, enhance neighborhoods, and fulfill the needs of communities. Our places highlight the spaces in between – the multilayered areas that weave interior and exterior elements, landscape, lighting, and more into a continuous, organic path. Understanding the importance of creative collaboration in every project, we hand-pick a design team that maximizes a site's potential by adding depth and richness to the narrative of each space. 

  • Concept through Construction
  • Masterplanning
  • Entitlements / Technical Masterplanning
  • Interiors
  • Ground-Up Design
  • Renovation & Repurposing

Environmental Design

Our projects promote the primary need for public spaces in all communities as a vital aspect of life in the contemporary urban environment. From adding beautiful, green spaces to thoughtfully planning outdoor pathways and experiences, we care deeply about creating a unique environment where people want to spend their time. Our celebrated environmental spaces work seamlessly with our projects and the neighborhoods they are part of. 

  • Landscape Design
  • Urban Design
  • Ecological Design
  • Public/Open Space