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JERDE is an international magnet for talent, attracting architects, planners, designers, and thinkers.

Working at JERDE

Working at JERDE

We develop innovative, human-centric experiences for clients around the globe that celebrate the space between. Our projects include mixed-use commercial centers, entertainment retail, resorts and hotels, urban regeneration plans, strategic master plans, and landmark public attractions.

We have project offices in LA, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. Our newly-renovated design HQ is located in The CalEdison building, a historic landmark in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. With exposed concrete, warm wood paneling, and a fully stocked model shop, it's a perfect backdrop for digging deep and dreaming big.

Our Perks

There are so many perks to working at JERDE — from iconic clients and travel opportunities to creatively fulfilling projects and incredible mentorship. Here's a few more:

  • Full health benefits (we're talking medical, dental, and vision)
  • 401k plans
  • Competitive salaries with bonus structures to reward your hard work
  • Great company culture (we all like to work here!)
Our Perks

Open Positions


JERDE Controller Position Description:

JERDE is a global group of innovative architectural firm, with over 40 years of experience. With a worldwide portfolio of projects, JERDE designs places that span diverse genres, and are built on the attributes of creativity, experiences and team culture.


Currently, JERDE is seeking an experienced Controller to manage and oversee the day-to-day accounting, finance, and human relations functions of the firm. This position reports to the CFO.


Controller Responsibilities:

Financial Accounting:

· Supervise and manage general accounting

· Manage all facets of accounting functions and systems

· Review monthly Trial Balance and maintain all ledger accounts and analysis

· Prepare monthly journal entries

· Prepare monthly and annual financial statements

· Oversee Accounts Receivable collections

· Oversee all monthly foreign office accounting and reporting

· Prepare and coordinate annual corporate budget

· Coordinate with outside CPA firm annual financial reports

· Coordinate with outside actuary for annual actuarial report

· Procure and oversee implementation of a new ERP system


Project Accounting:

· Supervise and work with Director of Projecting Accounting

· Oversee and distribution of monthly Forecast

· Oversee year end % Complete calculation

· Participate in weekly project management meetings


Taxes and Compliance Reporting:

· Responsible for the compiling and completion of annual tax returns

· Coordinate with CPA firm in the preparation of annual income tax returns and year- end tax planning

· Prepare conversion of accrual to cash basis accounting for taxes

· Prepare and file various governmental and regulatory reports when required

· Oversee various state architectural board licenses


Cash Management:

· Oversee daily cash reporting

· Prepare and maintain monthly cashflow reports

· Maintain banking relationships

· Oversee all bank functions


Human Resources:

· Provide oversight and work with Human Resources department

· Assist and develop personnel policy and procedures

· Provide oversight of Employee Benefits programs


Foreign Offices:

· Manage and review accounting/finance and banking operations with outside financial services groups.

· Provide oversight in Human Resources corporate policy



· Manage all lines of policies and maintain relationships with commercial and employee benefit brokers

· Provide annual renewal applications


Committee Membership:

· Participate as 401k Investment and SERP committee member


Controller Requirements:

· CPA certification- preferred

· Several years of private industry experience with a good track history of longevity

· Experience in the architectural and/or engineering industry helpful

· Experience in cost accounting preferable 


Controller Attributes:

· Must be willing to "roll up the sleeves" and be a "hands on" type of personality

· Good communicator, with great written and verbal skills

· Works well within a small/medium company environment

· A leader that will help usher in a new generation into the firm


Job Title: Designer (Multiple Positions Available)


Required: Bachelor's in Architecture and 24 months experience in architectural design of large-scale commercial building projects. In lieu of primary requirements employer will accept a Master's degree in Architecture.  Special Requirements: Must have demonstrated proficient knowledge of the following architectural technologies and design software: AutoCAD, Revit, V-Ray, Grasshopper, Rhinoceros, Sketchup, and Adobe Creative Suites. Employer will accept demonstrated proficient knowledge gained from employment experience and/or academic coursework. An architects' license is not required.  All work performed by the architectural Designer will be supervised by a licensed architect.


Duties: Duties as Designer involve the following:


 Architectural Project Design (70% of the time)

- Planning and designing of overall site and building structures and massing, including large-scale commercial buildings, residential, office, and mixed-use development projects;

- Preparation of scaled drawings in architectural designs of large-scale projects, using computer-aided design software, such as AutoCAD, Revit, Grasshopper, Sketch-up, Rhinoceros and other tools, that results in a full set of drawings for Concept Design phase, Schematic Design phase, and Design Development phase of work, such as detailed plan layouts, leasing plans, exterior /interior elevations, building sections, wall sections, and typical and custom details for all parts of the building;

- Provide three-dimensional (3D) visualization for architectural exterior massing and interior projects using: Revit, Adobe Design Suite, Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper, V-ray, SketchUp to create and develop design models and produce graphics and virtual reality simulations;

- Compile topographic survey drawings to create a comprehensive site plan for context analysis, 3D modeling, or report graphics;

- Model, render, and montage images into project site photos with people and context;

- Obtain and assemble data and program requirements to complete architectural design schemes, including job site visits to compile measurements as necessary;

- Coordinate architectural documents with structural, mechanical, electrical, and lighting designs to create integrated building plans using computer-assisted drafting and modeling software;

- Collect and organize information regarding product specifications, materials, finishes and color specifications.

- Integrate specialty elements with engineering designs into unified architectural designs and layout for residential, commercial, and mixed-use building types, using computer-assisted drafting equipment and software;

Project Administration and Client Advisement (20% of the time)

- Meet and confer with intra-office professionals to determine objectives and requirements for building design options;

- Prepare 2D and 3D presentations for clients and intra-office team members to review or discuss architectural drawings;

Other (10% of the time)

-  Perform ad hoc research projects assigned by management and address other company concerns, including but not limited to improving office standards, and researching architectural styles and trends; new materials and building solutions;

-  Remain abreast with State and local building codes, disability access and fire regulations, zoning laws, and city ordinances applicable to the projects being worked on.


Contact: The Jerde Partnership, Inc. 601 W. 5th Street, Suite 500, Los Angele, CA 90071. To apply interested parties contact The Jerde Partnership, Inc. - Attn: Lori Kilmartin, Head of Personnel -


Senior Designer


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Intermediate Designer / 3D Specialist

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Senior Project Designer

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Project Architect

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