Pattaya Living Ranch

Wellness resort destination

Inspired by the agrarian roots of the project site, the vision for the Pattaya Living Ranch is a resort catering to sports medicine, health and wellness, and tourism. The rich history of the site's pineapple fields, and natural topography of the land are integrated into the project, positioning Living Ranch to not only re-energize the native people to continue their traditions, but to will promote a new lifestyle which integrates and facilitates the different generations to appreciate the mixture of the old and the new.

At a Glance

Project Type

Hospitality, Mixed-Use


Pattaya, Thailand


526 Acres


Pattaya Grand Village Co


Pre-Design & Development Services
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Concept Diagram
Concept Diagram
Pattaya pool
Phase 1 2 3

The master plan is envisioned in three phases and is crafted to take advantage of three natural reservoirs contained in the site.

Pattaya fireworks

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