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The Gateway

  • Salt Lake City, Utah 2001
  • Site Area: 30 acres | Total Building Area: 141,000 sqm

Salt Lake City was losing commerce and housing to the suburbs. That's when Jerde came up with the idea to convert Union Pacific's historic depot and abandoned rail yard into a 24-hour district in the heart of the city. Designed to bring activity back to the downtown core, The Gateway is an urban street lined with two levels of retail, entertainment and cultural facilities with upper-level housing and office space. The street connects to existing circulation patterns, anti­cip­ating infill development that will result in a vibrant, two-mile loop. The success of The Gateway's approach is clear. The project attracted a different caliber tenant, many of whom were new to the city or state. In their first month, many of the retailers broke sales records. Today they are still exceeding projections.

Project Uses:
  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Dining
  • Residential
  • Culture
  • Office

The Gateway

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The Gateway


  • 2002Achievement Award, Economic DevelopmentSalt Lake City Downtown Alliance
  • 2002Gold Nugget Grand AwardPacific Coast Builders Conference/Western Building Show